Project-M & Pastoral Dystopia

Teviot Row House, Debating Hall
21:00 – 23:00

Visitors will experience a digital illusion through a mapping projection installation! Video art work from artists around Europe will be projected on a 4 x 2 metres sculpture, bringing to Edinburgh the second ever Mapping Projection project after the Harmonium Project last summer!
The evening will continue with a performance by Silo-portem who will present their project “Pastoral Dystopia”; animation film work will be projected on the sculpture, accompanied by original music compositions.

Artists: Lefteris Kastrinakis, Dimitris Traperas,Simon Young, Gillan Young, Lucy Lamort, Colin Andrews, Clara apaRicio yoldi, Chiara Cossu, Edyta MÄ…sior, Nadiaki Der, Konstantinos Tiligadis.