Theatre Night

Τόποι | Topoi – Theatre Night

Sunday 24 March, (Roxy Central, Assembly Roxy)
***Doors open at 19:30***

[*Free Admission]
*Suitable for 14 year olds and above*

Topos (pl. topoi): τόπος (greek), place, site, location, space.
Examples of compounds: a) Utopia= οὗ (=not) + τόπος, a place that doesn’t exist, a perfect place. b) Dystopia= δυς (=evil, hard) + τόπος, a place of suffering and injustice.

This year, Syn Festival’s theatre program explores the u-topic and the dys-topic: the space where the imaginary perfection and the post-apocalyptic devastation are possible; a daring exploration through a vast space of the theatrical form: a new play, physical theatre, improvisation, masks and devise theatre.

Invited performance

All the way from Athens, Zoe Xanthopoulou comes back to Syn Festival 2019 to present her new play “U(You) for Utopia” created for Syn Festival, a dystopic scenery of an existential utopia for two, with the Edinburgh-based, acclaimed and aspiring actors Maria Eleftheriadou and Adam Tompa.

Selected performances

Dylan Read will attempt to recreate his vivid dreams on stage in “Flying [Attempt no.2]”.

Persefoni Gerangelou and Jenny Lynn present “Baby Steps”, a sinister exploration of both the form of performing with a mask and what growing up into a woman means. Minollo Theatre devises a satire on the political dissonance on civil society.

*Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to the Welcoming, a charity with a vision “of a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone feels welcome and can achieve their potential”.