Baharat – Spices of Eastern Music

Baharat – Spices of Eastern Music

Friday 29 March, (Concert Room & Music Museum, St Cecilia’s Hall)
***Doors open at 19:30***

[*Free Admission]

Baharat Collective, will be hosting the annual “Baharat – Spices of Eastern Music” evening as part of the 6th Syn Festival. Baharat will be joined on stage by Unučad – a female polyphonic collective performing songs from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and Tsârvuli – specialising in traditional Bulgarian dance music, who will joined by the Bulgarian Dance Group Hop-Trop, from the University of Edinburgh.

The groups:

Tsârvuli are an Edinburgh-based group specialising in Bulgarian folk music with a particular emphasis on dance music from the various regions of Bulgaria, played on traditional instruments – Gadulka, kaval, tamburas, gajda and tapan.

Unučad are an Edinburgh-based all-female polyphonic vocal ensemble who explore the rich culture of a cappella singing traditions from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and beyond. This peer-led ensemble emerged just under two years ago, out of friendship and a strong desire to delve into the captivating music they had collected on travels and from fellow musicians. They sing songs from Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia; having been enchanted by the close and unexpected harmonies and raw vigour that possess this music.

Baharat Collective
Baharat is an ensemble dedicated to the performance of music from the Balkan and Middle East (Eastern Mediterranean) area. The group brings songs from old traditions into a new, fresh light, providing audiences with a taste of the richness and diversity of the melodies and rhythms of the region. Current repertoire includes songs from Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Iran and Egypt. The group was formed in January 2017, supported by Syn Festival Edinburgh, to perform at that year’s Festival, and has performed at various other events since. It aims to be an open space to anyone, regardless of their background or level of skill, who is committed to the ethos of the group and passionate about music-making.

Hop-Trop (Народни Танци – Единбург)
Hop-Trop started off as a small dancing group of amateurs with passion for Bulgarian national dances and turned into what is today a dance family welcoming people from all levels and nationalities. The group’s name comes from a Bulgarian expression which could often be heard from dancers joining the “horo” – the traditional dance where people hold hands in a line or circle while dancing. The weekly classes, both for beginners and choreography-based, have been the starting point for many performances, where they share their national culture and expose the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore to the world.
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*Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to the Welcoming, a charity with a vision “of a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone feels welcome and can achieve their potential”.