Utopias | Artists Talk: Alessandro Di Massimo and Calum Thom

Utopias | Artists Talk: Alessandro Di Massimo and Calum Thom

Wednesday 3 April, 6pm (Upper Church, Summerhall)

[*Free Admission]

Join artists Alessandro Di Massimo and Calum Thom as they discuss their practice on the occasion of the 6th Syn Festival Exhibition ‘Utopias’.

Alessandro Di Massimo studied Set Design and Visual Art at Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. His practice involves a broad set of media such as installations, drawing, wall painting, sculpture and video. His works has been exhibited in Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and in other European countries. Recent shows include The Rise and Fall of Your Chosen Empire at Ltd Ink Corporation (Edinburgh), Acies at The Number Shop (Edinburgh), Whole World Working (W.W.W.) at Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), Beyond the Time AIR (PL) and I’ll Be Your Mirror at Interviewroom11 Gallery (Edinburgh). He is currently based in Edinburgh and he is a studio member at Rhubaba.

Calum Thom is a painter and installation artist based in Edinburgh. Many of his works take the form of satirical transformations of classical paintings that use modern imagery to discuss themes of violence, recurrence and the death of the grand narratives. Calum has lived, worked and exhibited in various cities around the world, including Glasgow, London, Cheongju, Seoul and Barcelona. He has also worked in various roles the art world, resulting in a unique perspective which is reflected in his creations.

*Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to the Welcoming, a charity with a vision “of a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone feels welcome and can achieve their potential”.