Deadline: 3rd of March 2019, 23:59

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Do you want to be a part of Syn Festival?

Syn Festival, which started in Edinburgh in 2014, constitutes a multi-arts, volunteer-led festival which promotes intercultural dialogue. Taking into consideration that Edinburgh and Scotland in general are considerably multicultural areas, Syn, through various art, musical, cinema and theatre events, brings to the fore the cultural discourse between South and North, the Mediterranean and Great Britain. Syn Festival is a purely volunteer led organisation and prioritises on making art accessible to all by entry by donation events. Additionally, each year, fundraising is held during the festival in support of vulnerable social groups such as refugees and the homeless.

What do we do?

To date, Syn has hosted five festivals in various venues of the city (Upper Church at Summerhall, Adam House, Teviot Row House, Out of the Blue Drill Hall) showcasing local creative talent. The purpose of the festival is to create a space where members of the vibrant community of artists in Scotland can communicate their wofrk, share their skills and experiences, network, and expand their audience. We aim to create a scene for art that is of a high standard, while at the same time providing equal opportunities, support, and exposure to all artists. Here is where we need your cooperation!

Do you want to live a new experience? Meet new people? Make your CV stronger?

As a volunteer led initiative, we rely entirely on our volunteers’ teamwork, innovative spirit, sense of solidarity and responsibility, resulting in the realisation and success of the festival. With your help, we wish to continuously improve and offer more exciting events to the community of Edinburgh.

How can you apply?

We warmly invite everyone who is above 18 years-old to join the Syn Festival’s team and be a part of this admirable journey. To apply fill in the online volunteer application form below by the 3rd of March at 23:59:

For more information please visit our website, or contact us at the following email: