Theatre Day II

Theatre Day II
20:00 Theatre Day II (Debating Hall, Teviot Row House)

[Free Admission]

Theatre Programme – Explorations

Syn Festival 2018 presents six performances inviting audiences to sail into uncharted territory and explore the boundaries between the familiar and the undiscovered. Six encounters with the unknown. Six explorations of identity, community, fantasy and the deep longing for a place to call home.
A bold experimentation in the language of theatre that encompasses installation, performance, physical theatre and spoken word.

Syn Festival presents a theatre night where the words dominate the stage. Max Scratchmann, “one of the country’s most renowned illustrators and poets” (Edinburgh Evening News) presents his personal Odyssey. Michael Daviot, “top-class” actor brings his ” intriguing, entertaining, thought-provoking script” (All Edinburgh Theatre) to life with his latest monologue. Jaïrus Obayomi and Isidora Bouziouri focus on sound and words on their work-in-progress piece.

Don Quixote Unbound
Actor-Writer Michael Daviot presents a monologue that explores fantasy journeys and human nature. Interweaving the lives of Cervantes and Don Quixote, Daviot reveals the huge extent to which Don Quixote is Cervantes.

The Last Burrah Sahibs
Performance poet Max Scratchmann presents highly personal one-man show about life in the old jute colonies in twentieth century Bengal. Revealing a world-within-a-world, Max powerfully evokes a time when it was still possible to walk down Kolkata streets on a Saturday and hear only Scottish accents. Juggling the familiar and alien in one absorbing journey, this is a moving exploration of the idea of homecoming.

The Siren
Jaïrus Obayomi and Isidora Bouziouri present a work-in-progress revolving around the idea of being trapped between two worlds. Who makes monsters? Can the mythologized and the mythologizers ever understand each other?

The performances, as part of Syn Festival Edinburgh 2018 programme, are supported by The National Lottery Awards for All Scotland.

Donations will be given to projects supporting the homeless in Edinburgh.