Band NIght I

Band Night I
21:30 From Reggae to Italian Tarantella (Underground, Teviot Row House)

[Free Admission]

Join us for a celebration of music! Three bands, talented musicians, amazing music from around the world! The evening will progress from pop, metal and reggae to the entrancing power and beat of tarantella, pizzica and Italian folk music!

The bands:

A project consisting of a single violin, a multi-fix pedal and a loop pedal. Stephanos will manipulate the violin to bring to the audience a full band performance.

Mellow Chants
Afro-Sonic Con-Fusion: underground AfroVibe fused with an electrical groove

The Badwills
No strangers to Syn Festival, The Badwills, an Edinburgh based Italian musical collective, will be performing a mix of tarantella, pizzica, tammuriata and Italian folk music, blended with sounds from the Scottish, Irish and English traditions.

The event, as part of Syn Festival Edinburgh 2018, is supported by The National Lottery Awards for All Scotland.

Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to projects supporting the homeless in Edinburgh.