Baharat – Spices of Eastern Music

19:30 Baharat – Spices of Eastern Music(Dinning Room, Teviot Row House)

[Free Admission]

Baharat Collective, one year exactly after its first ever performance, will be hosting the closing event of Syn Festival 2018. Baharat will be joined on stage by Davno – a female collective performing Songs from the vocal traditions of Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, and Duo Hyperborea & friend who will be presenting a selection of Persian and Turkish songs and instrumental pieces.

The bands:
Duo Hyperborea
Duo Hyperborea perform a diverse range of music from earlier periods of Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East in a culturally informed style. They explore the universal themes that run through the music whilst respecting the cultural heritage of the music.

Helena MacGilp and Chris Elmes use their specialist expertise in medieval and Balkan traditional music to give them their foundation repertoire. From this point they have broadened their interests to include old Ottoman and Arabic regions, repeatedly thrilled and astounded by the fascinating challenges this music brings.

Duo Hyperbroea regularly work with guest musicians to expand their range. In this performance we are joined by percussionist Ali Rahmani with Iranian tonbak and def.

“We met at the Traditional Singing Workshops led by Anna Pietrzkiewicz-Read and Monika Niemczynowicz in Polish Community Center – ”Świetlica”- in Edinburgh. What brought us to them and what brought us all together was our love for traditional folk music and singing. We’ve been singing together since October 2011, but the present form of Davno emerged at the beginning of 2013. Songs from Poland, Ukraine, and Russia are our main focus, but we are not afraid to delve into vocal traditions of Georgia, Balkans or Siberia. We are open and ready to be inspired by the sounds from all over the world. While working on songs we use old, original recordings as well as performances of contemporary folk musicians. We are looking at staying near the Source, trying to be as close to the old and traditional techniques of singing as we can, however, we sometimes enrich the songs with a touch of a more contemporary sound.”

Baharat Collective
Baharat is an ensemble dedicated to the performance of music from the Balkan and Middle East (Eastern Mediterranean) area. The group brings songs from old traditions into a new, fresh light, providing audiences with a taste of the richness and diversity of the melodies and rhythms of the region. Current repertoire includes songs from Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Iran and Egypt. The group was formed in January 2017, supported by Syn Festival Edinburgh, to perform at last year’s Festival, and has performed at various other events since. It aims to be an open space to anyone, regardless of their background or level of skill, who is committed to the ethos of the group and passionate about music-making.

The event, as part of Syn Festival Edinburgh 2018, is supported by The National Lottery Awards for All Scotland.

Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to projects supporting the homeless in Edinburgh.