Short Films Screening night

18:30 Be there! Corfu Animation Festival and International Short Film Festival in Drama Short Films Screening (Adam House, Basement Theatre) [Free Admission]

Event description:

Short Films Screening

An evening full of award winning films by the International Short Film Festival of Drama.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Syn Festival will be hosting a short films screening, presenting award winning films by the International Short Film Festival of Drama. This event will offer the audience a multi-cultural cinematic experience with works from international awarded filmmakers.

3000, Director: Antonis Tsonis

When Leon’s best friend Ari shares tragic news about his battle with cancer, unemployed and desperate to help, Leon secretly decides to become a criminal to pay for his treatments. Against the backdrop of contemporary Athens, Leon’s actions to save his best friend have irreversible consequences

Alice in the café, Director: Dimitris Nakos

Alice drinks a cup of coffee and reads. Vasilis wants to meet her in the evening. Katerina waits for him every night. Vasilis wants to run away from all these things.

Birthday, Director: Dimitris Katsimiris

Marios, a young man with cerebral palsy, is waiting for his uncle, with his mother at home to celebrate together his 22nd birthday. The arrival of his uncle with his new girlfriend, will upset the family and create a suffocating atmosphere in the place.

Twist, Director: Michalis Papantonopoulos

The board of teachers has to make a decision. The time passes but they are not sure yet. Dafni is waiting in the corridor.

Mary’s Lullaby, Director: Dinos Panagokos

Woman is the earth. Child is the tree. Father, the seed and the farmer. The loss of an unborn child to a couple indicates a gap. Hope dies. The new world cannot be created. Happiness is not an option. But it is not a coincidence. Man, alone, and naked next to nature. The only salvation: the love of a man for a woman.

Ummi, Director: Nikos Avgoustidis

Mohamed, a six-year-old refugee, finds himself alone in a crowded Aegean beach. He is hiding behind a rock, watching the tourists bathing and waiting for his mother to come back. He lost her in the sea and now he needs to find her again. UMMI means my mother in Arabic.

Animation Screening Night

An evening dedicated to short animated films from all over the world.

Be There! Corfu Animation Festival is collaborating with Syn Festival to present a series of short international films by animation artists of various origins. A must-see event for all animation lovers!

Stretching the boundaries, Director: Kleopatra Korai

Animation short for the opening ceremony of 8thAsean paragames in Singapore,which introduces 15 sports played at the games and celebrate the mental and physical strengths of people of all abilities.

Minotaur, Director: Karlis Vitols

A story of a small Minotaur who tries to find playmates in the endless labyrinth while his Dad is at work. He only manages to meet mythological characters busy with their own ambitions.

Shuma, Director: Lucija Mrzljak

Water is knee-high. If you are afraid of drowning, stand on a chair.

The evening her mind jumped out of her head, Directors: Kim Noce & Shaun Clark

One cold winter’s evening, a serious woman is forced to lighten up when her mind jumps out of her head.

Breakfast in the forest, Director: Mariza Litina

A man is having breakfast in a forest but he fills it up with trash. He lies down to rest and the plants decide to take action.

Ethnophobia, Director: Joan Zhonga

Survival, clash and symbiosis go side by side; all accompanied by bursts of joy and pain as a result of man’s internal need to find and exaggerate differences when similarities are obviously greater.

How are you today?, Director: Sophie Markatatos

In a fucked up world, two opposite characters meet.

Catherine, Director: Britt Raes

Catherine loves pets! But most of all, she loves her cat. As a young girl, she cannot connect with other people. Her cat is her life, and little by little she grows up to be a crazy old cat lady… Will she ever find friendship, or love?

Wormhole, Director: Turun Anikistit (18+)

Vienna 1914. Otto finds a wormhole into another dimension. It drives his mental health and relationship with Emma into ruins. They both end up seeking help from Freud’s couch.

Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to volunteer groups supporting refugees in Greece.