20:00 Reflections –Theatre Performance
(Adam House, Basement Theatre) [Free Admission]

Syn Festival 2017 presents two theatrical performances which explore myths, symbols and stereotypes, reflecting on the female frame of mind:

“I Am That Girl” by Edinburgh-based Anahat Theatre, written and directed by Andrea Cabrera Luna.

Clara is on a quest to find the ancient city of Nineveh. As the world around collapses she meets herself at different stages of her life to confront what she chose to forget.
Anahat Theatre combines physical storytelling with an imaginative spirit.

Artistic Director: Andrea Cabrera Luna
Light Design: Phoebe Ryrko
Design: Alberto Cabrera Luna
Young Clara Hayley Eid
Clara Wendy Mathison
Julio Adam Tomkins

“MAIDen” by Giorgos Nikolaidis, directed and performed by Zoe Xanthopoulou.

Wife, employee, mother, daughter, mistress…
A woman narrates her life balancing between myth and reality while time runs out and life-changing decisions need to be made. Is there a point between biological existence and social stereotype where the heroin can find herself? How can she express -the pure- herself? How responsible is she?

Writer: Giorgos Nikolaidis
Director: Zoe Xanthopoulou,
Co-director / Movement Director: Maria Tsigka,
Light and set designer: Sofia Alexiadou
Costume : Nikos Kardonis
Visual Arts / Artwork: Myrto Vounatsou & Stelios Dexis
Styling: Giorgos Nikolaidis
Photographer: Charis Akriviadis
Promo Video: Dimitra Triantafyllou
Musical Arrangements: Antonis Karatzikis
Soloist: Mario Sarantidis, Giannis Kavouras
Monologue in Greek with English subtitles by Dessie Verveniotou
With Zoe Xanthopoulou as the Maiden.

Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to volunteer groups supporting refugees in Greece.