Mythical Extravaganza

19:30 Mythical Extravaganza – Theatre & Performance
(Teviot Row House, Dinning Room) [Free Admission]

Syn Festival presents a feast of Theatre where the boundaries between stage and auditorium are blurred. Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian ancient and contemporary myths are in focus in relation with the contemporary realities. Performers experiment with Storytelling, Physical Theatre, Ancient Drama and Visual Arts.

The performance will collectively showcase the work of Alex Levene (The Story of the Stars), Charlotte Hastings (Heracles), Dylan Read (Prōtoklētos), Eliza Gearty (On Fantasy Island) and Merik (AMUN RAND –False Profit Arise) along with the work and the experiments that will take place during the festival’s workshops. Visual Arts by Nadiaki Der.

The Mask of Prōtoklētos will be a lecture given by performer and academic Dylan Read -and with kind assistance from The Scottish Relic and Folk Archaeology Trust- in the first public presentation of an eldritch mask, discovered on a Scottish beach. The lecture will include a demonstration of its believed function amongst the followers of Prōtoklētos (“The First-Called”), the gnostic form of Christianity that has historically had followers in Greece, Poland and Scotland, but is believed to have died-out in 1917.

AMUN RAND – False Profit Arise will demonstrate the similarities of the free-market ideology of Ann Rand with the individualist mythology of Thelema – a parable showing that both can end in megalomania and discrimination.

In The Stories of The Stars, ritual theatre practice and ancient epic poetry styles combine to re-imagine and retell the stories of the stars. Envisaged as a 12-month cycle of stories that maps to the stories of the northern Zodiac, the stories draw from the legends and mythos of ancient Babylon, Egypt, the Hellenic cultures and Rome. The piece is growing through an enquiry into multiple overlapping stories and creating a piece of comparative mythology, intertwined with modern scientific discovery.

Euripides’ “Heracles” chronicles the last of Hercules’ 12 labours and the madness which drives him to murder his wife and children on the eve of his greatest triumph. HERACLES Euripides’ classic text re-imagined is a new highly visual performance- visceral and emotive, devised using laboratory theatre techniques. The production mixes shadow theatre, text, physical performance & puppetry and is performed by an ensemble of graduate artists from Physical Theatre Scotland.

Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to volunteer groups supporting refugees in Greece.