Syn festival 2016

11-19 March 2016
Teviot Row House
Out of the Blue Drill Hall

For the third consecutive year, Syn Festival, in collaboration with the Hellenic Society of the University of Edinburgh, hosts a 9-day multi-arts festival showcasing a variety of visual and performing arts, including photography, art installations, painting, theatre, short films, live music, dance, mapping projection, as well as a selection of workshops ―all free of charge for the public. This year the art exhibition will take place at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall from 11th-19th March 2016, while all the other events and workshops will be hosted at the Teviot Row House during the same dates. Syn Festival also supports the contribution Solidarity Quo makes in helping volunteer-led organisations that take action to welcome Syrian refugees to Greece by holding a refugee fundraising campaign for the whole duration of the festival.

The Mediterranean and all its various interpretations from a historical and geographical point of view will be this year’s main thematic focus. Bearing in mind the recent surge of immigration as a starting point, the Mediterranean shall be conceptually explored as a passage, crossroads, meeting point and place of cultural exchange. Through the different artistic expressions presented at the festival, the 3rd Syn Festival aims at promoting multiculturalism, raising awareness and initiating a creative dialogue on immigration, acceptance and coexistence.

More than 100 artists, musicians, performers and filmmakers will present their work. At the same time, Syn Festival continues its collaboration with the Drama International Short Film Festival and welcomes the Be there! Corfu Animation Festival for the first time.


Group Exhibition, Across the Mediterranean
Out of the Blue – Opening: Friday 11 March 2016, 7pm.

Syn Festival’s Visual Arts Team presents the visual arts exhibition, titled Across the Mediterranean. The exhibition explores the concepts of immigration, cultural diversity and interaction, exchange, movement and abolishment of actual and conceptual boundaries, having the Mediterranean as a starting point.
Artists: Mattia Accurso, Amanda Armao, Antonia Bañados, Giorgis Charalampidis, Elisa Guietti, Dafni Kalokairinou, Chrysa Karagianni, Eleni Laparidou, Marina Papagianni, Paraskevi Papagianni, Martina Peluso, Dylan Read, Rebecca O’ Reilly, Kristian Zara.

Project M! (mapping projection)
Teviot Row House – Friday 18 March 2016, 9pm

Project M is Syn festival’s newest accession and presents consecutive video-projections οn a single installation. This project offers an original spectacle by creating an unconventional dialogue of interactive visual-acoustic works.
Artists: Lefteris Kastrinakis, Dimitris Traperas, Lucy Lamort, Colin Andrews, Clara Aparicio Yoldi, Chiara Cossu, Edyta Masior, Nadiaki Der, Kostnantinos Tiligadis.

Short Films
Teviot Row House & Out of the Blue Drill Hall– Saturday 12 March, 5-8pm & Tuesday 15 March, 8-10pm

This year’s festival will feature short films of independent producers who have a distinguished aesthetic quality and a critical spirit. As already mentioned, Syn Festival welcomes Be there! Corfu Animation Festival for the first time and the Drama International Short Film Festival that is supporting Syn Festival for the second consecutive year.
Filmmakers: Kyriakos Antonopoulos, Tom Fergus Arnott, Bita Shafipour, Scott Willis.

Theatre “Whose Crisis Is It Anyway?”
Teviot Row House – Tuesday 15 March 2016, 6.30pm

Syn Festival will present the play ‘Whose crisis is it Anyway?’ directed by Nicholas Vafio, with Ola Olsinova, Joe Simpson, Isidora Bouziouri, Deppie Roumpeka και Phillip Eskine. The story takes place in Greece during the economic crisis of 2009-2015, when a young couple finds out the true meaning of love while preparing for their wedding.

Teviot Row House

For the third consecutive year, Syn Festival provides emerging and professional workshop leaders with the opportunity to creatively interact with the public and share their skills and knowledge.
Workshop leaders: Edinburgh Swing Dance Society, Ludens Esemble, Paraskevi Papagianni, Myria Koutsoumpa, Dylan Read.

Music Events
Teviot Row House

Once again this year, Syn Festival will host a wide variety of music events, aspiring to present and promote emerging and talented musicians of different backgrounds and genres.

Additionally, on the 14th March, Syn Festival will present to the public the Greek composer Iannis Xenakis’ monstrous and noisy Bohor that will surround the audience in the Teviot Underground space with the sounds of Iraqi and Hindu bracelets, an experience he described as like standing inside of a giant bell. In the shadow of this inscrutable electronic noise masterpiece, we will also be presenting the work of young Greek composers based in Athens, Amsterdam, and Edinburgh, including the premiere of Υannis Koufoudakis’ guitar work Parole, finished last year and performed by Ben Malinowski.
Bands: Alba, Magnus Turpie, Linda Campbell, Ioanna Tsimikou, Bare, Mad Gerald, Mojo Ford, Hoen, Amy Rogers, Dozen Draft, Gus Harrower, Maud the Moth, Substream, The Badwills, The Sesh, Boozoolia, Edinburgh Greek Dance Group, Isidora Bouziouri & Philip Erskine, Niavent.


A4 programme panorama


Project M

Music nights



Greek night